Sat Hon MFA, a native of China, is a multi-faceted teacher, a Taoist adept who interprets and transmits this quintessential and age-old wisdom of healing movements:


From his studies of Taoist ancient texts at Princeton University as well as in psychology and later exposures and trainings in diverse movement disciplines: Modern Dance , Alexander Technique, and a full spectrum of Qigong: Taoist qigong, Buddhist Qigong, Tibetan Qigong…and all different style of Taiji Quan: Yang, Chen, Sun, Wu, and Mo, Hon integrates them into an unique approach of body, mind and spirit healing modality.
Hon has been teaching qigong and Taiji in the US since 1970’s, and established the Ancient Taoist Practice Society, Inc. (a non-profit educational incorporation).
As a representative of the Ancient Taoist lineage of the Dragon Gate Alchemical Sect, he performed blessings for the annual opening of the UN General Assembly (2003-7) as part of the interfaith service.  Trained in Classical Chinese Medicine, Hon is certified by the Council of Colleges of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (CCAOM, USA) and also received a certificate in Acupuncture and Tui-na by the Guangzhou International Training Centre of TCM. (China).

Master Hon is neither an acupuncturist nor a herbalist, he uses the ancient Taoist energy healing of qigong to balance and improve one's well being. In his artistic expression, Hon is featured in the film, Philip Glass in 12 Parts, directed by Scott Hicks and  Hon also collaborated in two films, Chaotic Harmony & Taiji on 23rd Street, with the renowned composer, Philip Glass. 

Furthermore, Hon has written a concise guide for beginner: Taoist Qigong for Health and Vitality, published by the Shambhala Press, 2003.  As a lifelong practitioner of Chan Buddhism, he vowed to dedicate his life toward the liberation of all beings from suffering.

Introduction: The cosmic dance: Qigong

In a small loft at Chelsea, where it seems possible, quite probably, that if you passed through a certain door you would meet a fate, not just the familiar threat of humdrum teaching and physical cultivation but something more disruptive and transformative, more eternal.  Sometime, my students were surprise to find my teaching, after decades, in its essence remains utterly unchanged as if almost the way of a rare and remarkable object, a work of art, can continue to surprise; simply because it remains, throughout time, so purely and utterly itself.

It you are fascinated by the idea of a practice of such brilliance, such strangeness, such immeasurable depth; movements that had been call forth and discovered from the depth of human existence from the Paleolithic time of cavemen, shamans and immortals then you are in luck.  We offer this dance for Heaven only knows who, how you see it, making it up, building it, tumbling it, creating it every moment afresh; it is entirely up to you.  This gesture exists in the swirls of falcons, the steely glints of rainbow trout beaching in sunlight, the widening pupils of sunflowers and the cadence of wild lemurs in primal jungles.

Come then and be ready to be surprised and shock by the ordinary humdrum façade of an old factory loft at the flower district housing an exquisite exotic branch of Taoist alchemy.
The sacred dance of qigong whose purpose is to awaken your latent inner potential, allowing your senses and perception to open to an entirely inexplicable dimension of reality.