Qigong Healing Walk: Cancer Therapy



Qigong Healing Walk:
Complementary Cancer Therapy is a form of movement therapy that complements the standard medical cancer treatments. Its particular strengthening walk is specifically designed for the shrinkage and destruction of carcinomasin conjunction with regular oncological medical treatments.In the four decades since its introduction in China,over 10 million people have practiced this form of Qigongand in several clinical trials, they shown statistical significance in both extending the cancer patients lifeand in a small percentage complete remission and cured.How does the Qigong works by opening the heart, mind, body, and spiritand letting every cell bathe in the Qi (vitality/energy). The pathological causes of cancer are myriad in what an integrative Oncologist called toxic payload. Thus, cancer does not arise out of one cause except in extreme case such as lethal exposure to radiation.

Cancer arises out of a multitude of contributing factors: Stress, chemical toxin, diets, virus infection, chronic inflammation...So what is Qi?It is the vaporized flow of air from fermented grains.It is the very air that we take in.It is the fabric of the whole universeQi is the function and metabolism of our organs, the interactive communication between the different systems, and the basic unit of energy of our body and mind. For example, indigestion is considered a lack of spleen Qi; Hypo-endocrine function is considered a sign of kidney Qi deficiency; AIDS is considered immune system Qi deficiency.Qigong (pronounced chee gong or chee kung) is a Chinese healing practice using movement, affirmations, breath work, visualizations and meditation, to improve the flow of the vital energy or life force called Qi (pronounced chee).Wind Healing Walk

The Anticancer Qigong Therapy Healing Walk ("Wind Healing Walk") was created as a natural way of combating cancer. This particular form of Qigong boosts our spontaneous healing force, to jump-start the stalled immune system.

Initially,  it  was discovered and created by Guo Lin out of her battle against her recurring uterine cancer. She was diagnosed with uterine cancer in 1959. After several unsuccessful surgery, the cancer relapsed in the 1960s, and she was given 6 months to live. However, she did not give up, and from the buried memory she recollected that her grandfather, a Taoist priest, had taught her as a child to practice Qigong.  But his hard style martial Qigong proved to be ineffective in the fight against cancer, Gou Lin needed to find a softer and more gentle form of Qigong.  Having travel extensively throughout Taoist and Buddhist monasteries in search of master of Qigong but with scant result,  She turned to the ancient Chinese Medical texts and created her own qigong protocol, which she named quite aptly as New Qigong Therapy.  With this newly minted Qigong,  within 6 months her incurable cancer went into complete remission and never relapsed. Henceforth, Gou Lin became strongly convinced of Qigong's effectiveness in curing cancer, and in 1970’s began to teach this to various cancer patients.


The following are some of the basic principles of the Wind Healing Walk:Deep and powerful breathing.
Inhaling twice, followed by one exhalation.
According to Gou Lin, this ratio of inhalation and exhalation : 2 to 1, expresses the Taoist idea of taking in more Qi/life force and expelling the toxin.  Since cancer patients have an already deficient immune system, this way of respiration will strengthen their overall health.Brisk walk helps to increase the blood circulation, lymphatic flow and generating more Qi.


As an aside, I had studied the Qigong Healing walk during my residency at a Traditional Chinese Medical hospital in China. Every morning I would lead a group of cancer patients in our qigong walk, strolling along the Pearl River and watching the sun rise. How it's helped
In my own experience, the Healing Walk 1igong has very strong positive effects on cancer patients, in several cases, in conjunction with medical treatment, the cancer is completely cured.In most cases, the Wind Walk helped relieve the excruciating pain of late stage cancer. The pain can be reduced and can even totally disappear during the Walk and for hours afterward.A profound sense of empowerment and an awakening of life and death.

The cancer changes from a sickness to a deep meditation or journey of self-discovery.

A majority reported with the practice of the qigong an improved reaction to the effects of medical treatment of chemotherapy, including reduction of nausea and improved appetite.Words of Caution: Always consult with your physician